How to FEEL GREAT all the time … without sex or drugs

This workshop aims at dramatically improving the participant’s general outlook of life. It helps to create a better understanding on how problems we encounter which seem to be huge are not that big after all. The workshop will teach participant’s specific assignments and techniques to put in practice in order to achieve the goal of feeling great all the time! And living life to the fullest with passion.

Issues Covered

  • The lack of appreciation we have most of the time because of taking things for granted. These include our health, family, a good job, the place we live in, and our activities. The single most important asset we have is our health. This is discussed in depth so that people immediately put their views in the right perspective from the start.
  •  We also look at the reasons why no matter where we travel to, or live in this world, Canada is still the best place on earth. An overview of different countries of the world and their particular socio-economic situations is covered in detail. Issues include job security, family values, political turmoil, etc.
  • To “stop complaining and start doing” is another topic we cover. Most people don’t realize how important it is to be more satisfied with what we have and with what has been allocated to us in life, (whether it is material assets or family and friends). An emphasis is placed on “talking less and doing more.” Being ambitious is fine as long as it does not cloud our view of what is truly important in life and the time we have to enjoy things.
  • Specific “to do” points are given to participant’s in order to put into practice the concepts learned in class. Doing some things for other people is discussed in detail and with plenty of examples. Doing something manual, such as painting, carving, or anything that will bring out the creativity of the participant is covered. Finally, doing something physical is what we touch on last, and this deals with exercise and sports from the point of view of how closely related the mental and physical parts of a human being really are.


9:00am to 9:50am

  •  Introduction to the world of “feeling great to be alive”, the natural way.
  • Taking the right perspective about where we choose to live
  • How to stop complaining and start doing

10:00am to 10:50am

  • Learning to appreciate everything
  • The “3 H” list that will boost you
  • Acknowledging short comings and changing

11:00am to 12:00pm

  • How helping others will help you
  • Keeping busy with a hobby you enjoy
  • The true value of fitness and exercise

Throughout the workshop there are real life examples, and situations we encounter in everyday life. Also, jokes, stories and anecdotes are an integral part of the program to add humour, fun, and make it more realistic. The audience will feel very identified with the topics.

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