Crazy Career Choices

If you have a group of people or clients who have an interest in looking for a career or, a change of careers ….you can call us for a fun and terrific workshop!

The “Crazy Career choices” workshop/seminar is for newcomers, High School grads, people who are looking for a new job, new career, this is “the” workshop to attend.  Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service to you or require further information about this UNIQUE presentation

“It is fun and informative, even brilliant!”

Aubrey Carrega, MicroSkills.


The objective of the seminar is to present the participants with many options as far as their choice of available careers. No matter which career/jobs they choose, the focus is on being happy with their choice, being productive, being contributors not just to themselves and their families, but to society in general. We stress the point of “making a difference” in their own lives and in the lives of others regardless of what job one is assigned to do.


Through a variety of stories, anecdotes, and even “costumes” the participants will open their eyes to the wide range of options available for everyone to be a productive and proud member of society. They will be given a handout, so that they can “fill in the blanks” and take home with them some terrific ideas and assignments (related) to help them in their search. It is also a very fun and entertaining presentation!

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