Putting a smile on as many faces as we possibly can

A “Life-time Achievement Award” was just given to me last week by the Alex Ihama School of Greatness. Not only was I not expecting this at all, but I was so surprised that I could not find the words to thank the organization. For those who know me, would note that it is kind of unusual for me to not have anything to say.

I humbly accepted this award, and truly appreciate the beautiful way in which it was presented. What was really special for me to see were the words that were printed on it reading, “You are appreciated for your exceptional leadership, entrepreneurship and a sacrificial contribution to humanity”. But the truth is, even if those words do reflect what I have done for decades, it is also true that I have done it because that is what I love doing, that is my passion.

To provide leadership roles whenever it is necessary, to contribute to humanity every time I have a chance. That is in essence what I believe we are all here to do, placed on this earth to truly make a difference; to help, to contribute, to one way or another save lives, in every sense of the word. Even on a more simple level, to put a smile on as many faces as we possibly can!

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