Awards and Honors

After receiving many awards in his life for a lot of “good things” he did for others, and being awarded as one of “Canada’s top 25 Immigrants”, one of Canada’s 10 most influential Hispanics, and one of “Top 25 in Diversity”

Roberto arrived in Canada from Uruguay at the age of 19. With very little money, no friends, no job prospects, no place to stay, his early beginnings looked bleak. These barriers, however, paled in comparison to his greatest challenge; Roberto spoke very little English! He had a lot of reasons to give up and go back home, but he didn’t. Within 4 weeks he found a job, rented a room, made friends and started taking English classes at Seneca College. His classes spanned 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, all the while working a 40 hour work week in a local factory. After 2 years of tireless effort, Roberto sent for his mother, brother and sister to join him in Canada from Uruguay (his Dad had passed away when Roberto was only 12 years old). He got married, became the proud father of three beautiful girls, and continued his love of education going on to get his Teacher’s Degree. Getting his Degree was a difficult task as English was not his first language. Roberto had to study diligently, but through discipline, and perseverance, and a “never give up “ attitude, he became successful. Roberto has always been driven to teach, train and counsel, but one of the more rewarding experiences during the past 25 years has been that of looking after his Charitable Foundation assisting poor children and orphans in Canada and abroad.

Roberto has literally helped thousands of immigrants over the past 30 years to settle, find a new career and begin their new life in Canada. As Director of a Training College, he helped them get into new rewarding careers in the fields of Banking, Computers, Accounting, and Law Enforcement. Roberto is the Founder and Director of Education of the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College, a college he founded in 1985. In the past 29 years, the College has changed locations and grown into an 8,000 square foot training facility in the Finch and Dufferin area of Toronto. His passion for helping others, teaching, and sharing is unrelenting, and he has made it his personal lifelong mission to make a difference in society by helping the marginalized and less fortunate, regardless of their country of origin. Roberto has literally helped thousands of immigrants over the past 30 years to settle, find a new career and begin their new life in Canada. (

Awards and Honors

Roberto has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors in Ontario. These awards have been bestowed upon him from the likes of:
Toronto Police Services

  • Canada’s top 25 Immigrants
  • Canada’s 10 most influential Hispanics
  • Top 25 in Diversity
  • Top Lieutenant General Award
  • The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
  • The Toronto District School Board
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness
  • Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation

Community Involvement

Through his charitable foundation “Needy Children Assistance”, Roberto Hausman has made a difference in the lives of thousands of children in Canada, and in eleven countries of the world. He also spends hundreds of hours per year loading, sorting, packaging, unloading and coordinating the deliveries of goods. He is regularly invited as a guest speaker to a multitude of functions where the focus is to help needy children, youth at risk, and new immigrants. His assistance has centered on 17 different organizations such as:

  • Romero House
  • The Colombian Children Organization
  • Hospital for Sick Kids
  • Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness
  • Native/Indian Reserves
  • Centre for Hispanic People
  • Christian Family Worship Centre
  • Salvation Army
  • Good Will
  • SDA Church

Around the World

Also around the world: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Cuba, Guatemala, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, and Uruguay. Tens of thousands of children received clothing, medicines, wheelchairs and accessories in times of desperate need. Roberto believes that “Above the clouds, the sun is always shining”. ( Every week for 12 years, Roberto has been the Leader/Teacher of the Primary Division of a Church (teaching children ages 7 to 9) on a volunteer basis. For over 8 years, he has helped the Yonge Street Mission in Toronto with over $30,000 in donations to help the less fortunate improve their lives. As a humanitarian, Roberto has donated medicine, wheelchairs, food, toys, and new clothing to organizations both large and small, in Toronto and abroad. Donations have tallied a value of over $400,000 over the past 8 years alone. He has also provided $500,000 in Scholarships over the past 12 years, to make a difference in the lives of youths looking for a new career and a better future to several organizations such as:

  • Pulso Hispanic Group
  • Hispanic Association of Ontario Professors
  • The Dominican Cultural and Community Association of Ontario
  • The Russian Canadian Association
  • Filipino Association of Ontario
  • MicroSkills
  • The Ontario South Asian Police Officers Association
  • Planet Africa
  • ABLE (Association of Black Enforcers)

Over the years, he has sponsored a number of events for underprivileged Toronto youth, the “Pro-Action Basketball games”, the “Black History Month Celebration”, the 53 Division “Youth Outreach Program, Shutout Violence” for over 12 years, supported the “Youth Day” at Thorncliffe Park, the underprivileged Toronto youth, including; “Pro-Action Basketball game, the “Heart to Heart Charity Ball” for the Hospital for Sick Kids and sponsored the Guatemalan Canadian Association to help their orphanage. He has been the President of the Latin American-Canadian Commerce Board for 5 years, with a mission to enhance the business and trade activities between the Latin American people and their Canadian counterparts, ( also on a volunteer basis.