Roberto Charles is a superb motivational speaker who can make audiences laugh, cry, cheer, dance and above all feel great about themselves. His boundless energy emerges with his passion for touching people’s lives whenever he’s on stage.

Roberto has been teaching, training and lecturing since 1975 with exceptional results. In 1983 he received his teacher’s degree in Alberta. Canada. Since 1985 Roberto has been the director and CEO of the Police Foundations Department of Canadian Law Enforcement Training College & International Agency Group with its head office in Toronto, Ontario, providing trained personnel to Police & Law Enforcement fields. For the past 30 years he has also delivered speeches, lectures, seminars, workshops and training to audiences across Canada and throughout the world. Roberto is known for providing total satisfaction to his audiences and he has a genuine interest in each participant who attends his seminars. Roberto has been involved in many activities over the years, such as being the Editor and Publisher of the Airwaves News, Latin Life News, the Director of Puerto Plata Tours (Happy Bus Division), and the founder of the Hausman’s “Children Food Fund” in North York, Ontario. Roberto has been married for 32 years. He has 3 beautiful children and he is a “proud dad”.

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